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Club Campaign 2023-2024: Indifference of Fate

This year's Club Campaign is set on the continent of Isukari, a land plagued by war and strife of all forms. 10 DMs will be running games in the same world, with many opportunities for crossovers (like Co-Game, which happens four times a year and sees every game cross over at once!) Check the Discord server for more information. Each of the individual campaigns' pitches are as follows:

Crawling Chaos:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

It hath been reported that the Crawling Dungeon hath once again ceased its endless roaming and consumption, if only for a time. Now is the time for the brave and bold amongst thee to answer the call of adventure, go forth into the Crawling Wastes and bring an end to this inter planar menace. For such a daring undertaking, a sufficiently grand reward has been offered. Any who can halt the destruction wrought by the Crawling Dungeon shalt receive sovereign lordship of the Crawling Wastes, officially recognized by the many rulers of Isukari. Succeed where so, so, so, so many other great heroes have failed, and be forever carved into the annals of history. Please contact your local adventuring guild for further details.

Starting Level: 1

Time: Tuesdays at 7 pm

Focuses: Combat, Exploration, and Dungeon Crawling


What Lurks Below:

Throughout the continent of Isukari, a Help Wanted Ad has been making the rounds in the form of Newspaper ads, flyers, bourchores and many other forms of media. The abundance of the ad borders on desperation as the proprietors of the Aberrant Caverns Conservation Park impatiently wait for worthwhile applicants for their Expedition Team Delta. The advertisement reads as follows:

Now Hiring Expedition Team Delta Operatives

Seeking individuals of both valor and intellect with an interest in exploring the unknown regions of the Aberrant Caverns Conservation Park and further the understanding of what lies below its surface. Applicants must be willing to jump head first into potential danger on a near weekly basis, encounter abnormal undocumented lifeforms, potentially become infected with some otherworldly diseases or parasites, and work an 8 hour shift performing diverse tasks on the 4 other weekdays.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • A phenomenal starting wage of 150 gold pieces per month
  • Ample opportunity for pay raises and advancement
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and most importantly Life Insurance
  • Flexible Schedules on days other than the Expedition dates
  • Access to our top of the line park facilities
  • Free Season Pass for you and your dependents

Past Job Experience and a Bachelor's degree in a related field is recommended but not required. Submit your resume and application to one of our Call of the Void LLC. business offices, located in most major cities in Tristaturegio.

Starting Level: Level 1

Time: Fridays at 7pm

Focuses: Exploration, Horror, and Company Management


Crimson Solitaire:

There’s a saying that all art is eternal, that what has been created shall live and grow long after the original author has set down their pen for the final time. Perhaps that is true, but why stop only one, or two, or ten, or even a hundred artworks? Why stop at all?

The ink has not yet dried for the newest script penned for the Crimson Troupe, an organization that supposedly predates the written record of this world. The credibility of such claim, however, matters little given how much of their activities have upended the very fabric of what is “real” and what is “possible” — people have gone missing, whole cities have been erected only to vanish once the novelty of their “set design” has worn off, and monsters live and die more often to the stroke of a quill than by might or magic.

The world is a stage, and all inhabitants the audience, actors, and crew. The play of today: the greatest tragedy. But perhaps you are not content with living and dying by a script; do you have what it takes to break free from the fate written for you?

Starting level: 1

Time: Thursdays at 8 pm

Focuses: Roleplay, intrigue, and exploration


Petty Larceny:

Reporting live from Arcfell, this is Tyler “big man” Crowley

Attention All Citizens of Arcfell. This morning at approximately 4:50am it was discovered that a master thief has stolen a highly powerful and experimental artifact from Arcfell Univeristy. Currently, it is unknown exactly what was stolen, but it is reported to be taken from the University's Experimental Flight Lab. We are joining you live from outside the lab with Leli “Areo” Bashford: Leading researched of experimental flight. It was crazy, I locked up for the night and when I came back to check on The Krait and all that was there was a playing card. An Ace of Spades. Well there you have it, only time will tell if we can ever catch the Ace of Spades, but one thing remains certain: His spree of crimes is nearly unstoppable and Someone needs to do SOMETHING

Starting level: 1

Time: Mondays at 7pm

Focus: Strategy, Heists, and Mysteries and roleplay



These peaceful lands have been tainted by the scourge of our generation, the Gnomes!. Despite mainly being limited to outlying realms and the borders of the Zhentariya Empire, they have advanced closer and closer to the imperial capital of Darkhold itself! These small people have murdered so many and ruined so many more families, as they burn, massacre, and/or conquer more and more. Your life has been turned upside down by this threat, as you go to heed the call of the King of Kings Pereghast Emperor of Zhebtariya. Who is assembling almost elites and various talents to serve in Darkhold. As one of those assembled perhaps you shall tilt the scales of this conflict and go against the coming wave.

Starting level: 1

Time: Thursday at 7pm

Focuses: combat, exploration


Blue Shale Irregulars:

The Lords of the Coalition are seeking skilled mercenaries for a matter involving extreme discretion and competence. The job will require the travel to exotic locations, acquisition of a magical object, and conveyance of an artifact of some consequence. Violent encounters must be planned for and orienteering improvisation will be required. This job is for the greater good of the Realm. Enquires and Applications to be submitted at Scriveners Keep. -Lord Bitram

Starting level: 1

Meeting: Wednesday at 7pm

Focuses: Roadtrip, Adventure, Combat



You receive a small letter, sealed with a purple wax stamp picturing a sunrise Dear adventurer, Welcome to the Cult of Ascension. You may never have heard of us before, but as the recipient of this letter, you’ve already devoted your name to the cause. Why, you ask? Because I know your fate is in dire need of… rebalance.

There exists an all-powerful artifact, known only as the Perihelion ring, which in the proper hands, can give you anything you wish for in life. And, unfortunately, we require your assistance to retrieve it.

It will be a perilous journey, but not one to fear, as death for members of our cult is transient, for the insignificant price of a few innocent souls. All for a worthy cause, for much more lies in the balance. You can trust me in this, for I never lie, and I know what future events abound. Additionally, I am inclined to inform you that this isn’t an invitation. I’m just giving you some time to pack your bags

Graciously, Caesar Larenhale and associate, Devon An Ceryl

Starting level: 1

Time: Wednesdays at 7pm

Focuses: Combat, Integrated role play, Player-driven story


The Eye of the Tiger:

The leader of the Sinclair Family, a notorious crime syndicate, has set his sights on world domination. Once a great hero, Siebold Sinclair has since become one of the leaders of Isukari's criminal underground. You have been contacted by a mysterious figure known only as The Benefactor to stop Siebold in his tracks. You are promised riches, treasures, and much more if you are able to keep Siebold from his goal: Obtaining the Eye of the Tiger.

Of course, you have to catch up with him first. Siebold is reported to be on The Raging Isles, one of the most inhospitable places in Isukari. You will have to steel yourself for the harrowing adventure to come and hope you can come back in one piece. Good luck!

Starting Level: 1

Time: Mondays @7pm

Focuses: Roleplay, Combat, Extraplanar Shenanigans


Life During Wartime:

A lot has been going on in Isukari, but most of it has gone unnoticed in the north, which is preoccupied with its own current set of problems.

See, around six to seven months ago, the nation of Aenglia was hit by a devastating blow; its previous ruler, a dragon who had lived as part of the nation for centuries, was killed. Looking for justice, Aenglia declared war on who they believed to be the perpetrator: the northern nation of Allhilt.

Allhilt was unprepared for war when Aenglia invaded from the sea, marching across the nation’s coastal plains towards the capital. After Allhilt mobilized, it was able to stop Aenglia’s advance at the base of the country’s foothills. After that, the war became a stalemate.

And so it has remained for the last four months, while rumors began to fester and grow. Some claim that Aenglia killed their own ruler to justify the war; after all, who has an invasion force just standing by at the ready? Others allege that the dragon isn’t dead, just in hiding, directing Aenglia’s forces from the shadows. Or perhaps Allhilt really did kill the dragon, and stole the body to use in some otherworldly ritual.

Regardless of the truth, for the average resident of Allhilt, war is war and it has made the last six months AWFUL. At the moment it seems that nothing either side does can change the course of the war, but perhaps the opposite is true; maybe the scales of fate are just waiting for the right group of people to tip them.

Starting Level: 1

Time: Tuesdays at 7 pm

Focuses: Combat, Intrigue, Large-Scale Conflict

Silence Of Witlock:

You receive a fine letter, seemingly coming out of thin air, coming from a “Dr. Gunderson”

“Dear… whomever you may be, I’ve been watching you and I see great promise for exploration!! You have skills… of a variety that I would love to have on my expedition team, an expedition to where you ask?. Well it's not too important, just a humble forest.. In.. Witlock. I know that sounds bad, but listen.. The horrible stories that you've heard about, the ones about horrific abominations wiping out an entire population of the kingdom of Witlock, those stories.. Pshh HIGHLY EXAGGERATED! There have only been a few.. hundred reports of terrible monsters that hide within the kingdom that leave the few who return with more scars than that of a warzone would. Besides the point, the point is I am offering 12,000 gold to those who expedite to the Old Kingdom, and for those who are interested, plenty of scientific and magical discoveries! It may be dangerous, but I guarantee it will provide a grand experience. Well, hopefully a better experience than the last groups..uh.. WHO ARE PERFECTLY SAFE.”

Starting Level: 1

Time: Fridays 7 PM

Focuses: Survival, Horror, Combat, with a side of Roleplay