About us

The Illini Metagamers is a club for anyone who loves any game that can be played on a table [and then some]. We have a large focus on RPGs (such as D&D or Pathfinder), board games (such as Betrayal, Sentinels, or Shadow Hunters), and card games (such as Magic: the Gathering), but anyone can feel free to bring anything to play. Everything we do is very casual. We're also very new-player friendly! No experience is required for any of our games/events! There will always be someone to help you out and guide you along so that you can start having fun as quick as possible. 

Game Nights are held at 7pm every Saturday in the English Building atrium on the lower floor. 

We also host a club-wide, year-long RPG campaign, run by members of the club. It's for new and experienced players alike, designed to be an opportunity for everyone to come together to play, exploring new systems and ideas. 

More info on our club Discord server: https://discord.gg/Am3XHFj.


Ice Cream Social

Hey everyone, we hope you had a good summer and you're ready to join or return to The Illini Metagamers! We will have a booth at Quad Day on the 20th, so make sure to come around, say hi, and maybe win some candy! If you're looking for more sweets, swing by the Ice Cream Social on the 22nd at 7 pm to grab some ice cream and meet some new people. We will also be discussing game nights, club campaign, and events, so make sure to swing by. Hope to see you there!

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