club picnic


Hey team,

So we got our reservation for the atrium bumped several times over by various English Department affiliated groups, and the woman who runs reservations didn't let us know. We found out through the other first event that's happening here.

So, we're moving to the Union Building basement for the picnic. Everything else is going to happen as scheduled. 

Message me if you have any questions.



Club Picnic 2016

Hey team!

Club picnic is tomorrow, May 5th, at the English Building atrium. It starts at 12 PM proper, though you can feel free to come and go. 

Club dues are also due tomorrow. They're $4, and that gets you Biaggi's dinner tomorrow evening and a vote during the elections!

If you're planning to run, I'd recommend letting people know early in the day so people know once elections start during the evening. 

Officer positions include: president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. 

See you all tomorrow!

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