First Meetings Info

Welcome Illini Roleplaying Network members, both returning and new! We have a few events coming up, such as the ice cream social and our regular meetings.

On Wednesday, August 24th, we have an ice cream social to kick off the club meetings from 7-9pm in the English building atrium (downstairs in the large open area). We'll have free ice cream, and will be playing board games and organizing tabletop games for the semester.

Our normal meetings will begin on Saturday, August 27th, starting at 7pm in the English building atrium, and continuing each week.

Welcome new members!

Hey guys! A lot of you are going to be making new accounts after getting our fliers at quad day, or hearing about us at other events.

Because of spambots, we manually approve new accounts before you're allowed to post in the forums. After you register, you'll need to wait for email confirmation from that your account has been approved. Check your spam folder! Our emails usually end up there, and you need that email to set your account password.

If you have trouble logging in, just contact us at We can help you get your password set.

Stay tuned for more announcements about club events, including our ice cream party and first game night. We're looking forward to a great year with you!


Hey team,

So we got our reservation for the atrium bumped several times over by various English Department affiliated groups, and the woman who runs reservations didn't let us know. We found out through the other first event that's happening here.

So, we're moving to the Union Building basement for the picnic. Everything else is going to happen as scheduled. 

Message me if you have any questions.



Club Picnic 2016

Hey team!

Club picnic is tomorrow, May 5th, at the English Building atrium. It starts at 12 PM proper, though you can feel free to come and go. 

Club dues are also due tomorrow. They're $4, and that gets you Biaggi's dinner tomorrow evening and a vote during the elections!

If you're planning to run, I'd recommend letting people know early in the day so people know once elections start during the evening. 

Officer positions include: president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. 

See you all tomorrow!

Mom's Weekend 2016

Hello, everyone!

This weekend (April 8th-10th) is Mom's Weekend. If your mom (or parents) decide to come down, they're definitely welcome at this Saturday's game night. I'm planning on picking up some sweets for the occasion. 


See you all Saturday!


Game Night Raffle! - 1/30/16

This upcoming game night we'll be holding the raffle with last semester's victory points. Make sure to be there; if your name is drawn and you aren't there, we will redraw. We'll start the raffle around 7:30 to give people time to get to the English Building. 

Hope to see you all there!

Forums are back!

Hello friends!  The forums are back.  You may have to reset your password, but you should be able to get access.  Most old boards are gone though, I thiiiiink you can contact Comet/Rebecca to get them back?  If not she'll yell at me and I'll fix this.  

REBECCA NOTE: Reset your password here. You have to do this before you log in. Make a post in the general forum if you need a forum created/need some information recovered from the old forums. I can't restore whole forums/topics, but I might be able to find specific information if you tell me what you're looking for.

Hey Team

We're working on getting the website back up and running. For now, don't try recreating your account - we hope to be able to import most things some of the things from the old site. Thanks!


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