Forum accounts

Hey team,

A lot of you have been registering for accounts on the site, which is great! We'd love to see you on the new members forum. You may remember from the ice cream social that we have to manually approve forum accounts to keep us safe from spam bots. Thanks for all your messages indicating that you aren't bots! They really help us out and also I get a laugh.

I've been trying to approve all acounts within a day or less, and as of today have approved or rejected all of the new accounts. After we approve your account, you will get an email from the site that will prompt you to log in and set your password. If it's been a couple days since you registered and you haven't gotten that email, check your spam folder. A lot of our site's email gets sent to spam inboxes. If you can't find the email there, then you can try resetting your password manually or contacting us. We're always happy to help you get connected to the forums!

- Eli