Forums are back!

Hello friends!  The forums are back.  You may have to reset your password, but you should be able to get access.  Most old boards are gone though, I thiiiiink you can contact Comet/Rebecca to get them back?  If not she'll yell at me and I'll fix this.  

REBECCA NOTE: Reset your password here. You have to do this before you log in. Make a post in the general forum if you need a forum created/need some information recovered from the old forums. I can't restore whole forums/topics, but I might be able to find specific information if you tell me what you're looking for.

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Game Night Raffle! - 1/30/16

This upcoming game night we're doing the raffle for prizes with last semesters Victory Points! Make sure to be there; we will redraw if your name is called and you aren't there. We're probably going to have the raffle around 7:30 to give people time to show up. 

Hope to see you all there!